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  • High-quality technical translations by native speakers with top professional qualifications.
  • Tourism translations – worded informatively and attractively.
  • Legal translations – doing justice to the fine points of legal language and the special features of legal systems.

Special fields

Expert knowledge and a feeling for the language for every special field

Our programme covers all special fields. A large part of our daily work focuses on the following areas:

  • technical documentation
  • tourist industry
  • contracts and deeds
  • marketing and business.

Technical documentation

Technical documents have to be translated with absolute exactness, since they do not permit any ambiguous or imprecise wording. This is why we only assign such texts to highly qualified technical translators with long experience.

Our regular customers come from the fields of automation engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, equipment technology and automotive construction. For them, we translate product data sheets, servicing manuals, software specifications, operating and commissioning instructions and lots more.

Tourist industry

A good translation for the tourist industry needs to be creative and well-expressed, so that it is a convincing and pleasant reading experience. For our customers in the tourist industry, we translate websites, flyers and newsletters.

Our company is now undertaking its fourth translation of nomination documents for inclusion in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites for outstanding regions in Germany. Here not only expert knowledge of the relevant special field but also a feeling for an appropriate and attractive linguistic style and absolutely punctual completion are essential.

Contracts and deeds

When translating legal texts, a translator is faced not only with different languages but also with different legal systems. So it is particularly important to consider every fine point and handle specialist terms adeptly and responsibly. It goes without saying that our legal translators have a command of the specific linguistic and national terminology for all legal fields and systems.

For law firms and our customers’ legal departments, we translate, for example, extracts from Trade Registers, General Terms and Conditions of Business, contracts of all kinds and verdicts.

In addition, we supply certified translations of personal documents, inheritance certificates, court verdicts, contracts and extracts from Trade Registers. Your documents will, of course, always be treated as confidential.

Marketing and business

Advertising copy requires translation not only into the target language but also into the target culture. A play on words cannot be translated literally without losing its original meaning. Our professional translators have the courage and creativity to move far enough away from the original – but only as far as necessary – to produce the same result in the target language. So you can be sure that the translations of your texts will just as successful in other languages as in their original form.

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